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SAVI Radiation

After a Lumpectomy, radiation treatments may be necessary to kill any remaining cancer cells. Radiation is done to help prevent a recurrence, or return of breast cancer. Brachytherapy, radiation or delivered internally, they are a technique that conserves healthy tissue and considers only the tissue around the tumor cavity.Radiation treatments for breast cancer can be supplied with external or internal radiation. External radiation, also called the whole-breast irradiation (WBI), considers the entire chest from outside, focusing very penetrating x-rays at the tumor cavity. Breast Brachytherapy using special catheters (small tube) to deliver radiation in your chest to the hollow of the tumor and a small margin of surrounding tissue. zSB (3,3) whole-breast irradiation (external radiation) affect healthy tissue, as well as cancer cells and can cause side effects in healthy tissue. These treatments are generally given each day from Monday to Friday for about 6 weeks in a cancer clinic. Breast Brachytherapy hits a small amount of breast tissue and provides a targeted radiation dose of Lumpectomy to your site. Brachytherapy can be done with a specially designed device that temporarily is implanted in your chest, allowing the radiation oncologist to give you customized for a period of five days of treatment. You can expect minimum side effects and recovery time from external radiation brachytherapy compared.SAVI Radiation Applicator Applicator SAVI-Photo ? Cianna MedicalThe SAVI, who was FDA approved in 2006, is a breast radiation device that can be custom-fitted the Lumpectomy cavity, regardless of shape or size can be. This device is a package of soft, tiny catheters. The SAVI is inserted through a small incision and the catheter package expands uniformly, but its unique design allows it to be opened in a way that truly meets the size and shape of your tumor cavity. The dose of radiation can be controlled individually by each catheter, allowing precise targeting the radiation oncologist. This device is more customizable than a traditional balloon catheter device, so that women with small breasts may be eligible for this type of treatment.Positioning SAVI Radiation Applicator Placement-photo ? Cianna MedicalYour surgeon can place an applicator SAVI radiation at the time of your Lumpectomy, or may be inserted during surgery. Only a small incision is needed to enable the bundle of catheter compact be placed in your breasts. The engraving area will be secured with a dressing and part of each line for catheter stretching outside your womb, until the end of treatment. Catheters are soft and very flexible, so that they should be comfortable for you during the five days of radiation. Condiments for your site will be changed twice a day during treatment and must be kept dry. To prevent infections, you may have to take antibiotics.SAVI Radiation Applicator Dosing Dosage-photo ? Cianna MedicalYou will report to your Oncology synchrotron radiation twice a day for five days, to get treatment. Plan on spending about 30 minutes per visit, about 5-10 minutes of your appointment will serve to the radiation treatment time. Your radiation oncology team will make you comfortable and connect applicator SAVI the radiation source. During each treatment, the radiation source is sent down each catheter one at a time. Will be given a different amount of radiation doses at different points along the length of each catheter. This allows the best dose for the affected tissue, and security plus the surrounding healthy tissue.SAVI Radiation Applicator Removal Removal-photo ? Cianna MedicalAfter treatment with ionising radiation, the oncologist may remove the device, SAVI. To remove the device, wipe your incision site and close your skin with adhesive strips, it should take about two minutes. A bandage or dressing be placed on top, and you're free to go. Be sure to go to subsequent visits so that your doctor can see that the incision is healing properly.SAVI Breast Brachytherapy is available across America, but is not yet in each State. Will work for small or large breasts, but other factors may make it unsuitable for some patients. Check with your doctor about this device or email Cianna medical, to see if SAVI is available in your State or location.sources:
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