Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pink Ribbon Charities

This year, if you want to make a financial gift to help support cancer research, provide mammograms to women in need and raise awareness through educational efforts, make the most of your tax-deductible checks, giving some of these national nonprofit organizations that spend more on support they spend on administrative costs and fundraising. I've arranged for the proportion of their funds used to support the cause.Evelyn Lauder, breast cancer survivor and senior corporate vice president of Estee Lauder companies founded the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) 15 years ago, to help fund research, find ways to prevent and cure breast cancer and raise awareness. They plan to give 34 million dollars in October 2008 for cancer research. Evelyn Lauder is the co-creator of the original Pink Ribbon, launched in 1992 with Alexandra Penney, former editor in chief of Self Magazine.

Some ways to donate:

Donate online, by e-mail, or on stock phoneGive, charitable trust, or a bequestParticipate in the workplace givingPurchase carefully selected products rose

Living beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) was founded in 1991 by survivors of breast cancer by providing information, connections and support after treatment. Today, LBBC uses 83.7% of its funds to help patients across the full range of diagnosis, treatment, recovery and survival. In addition, they offer programs that support caregivers and health professionals who work with patients affected by breast cancer. Marisa c. Weiss, M.D., a radiation oncologist who started the organization from his house, with members of the volunteer staff.

Some ways to donate:

Donate online or through stocks, charitable trust or mailGive a bequestJoin as a partnerPurchase corporate LBBC items from their online store

Founded by a breast cancer survivor 17 years ago, the Mission of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is "to save lives by increasing awareness of breast cancer through education and by providing mammograms for those in need." NBCF uses 80% of its donations to programs that provide free mammograms for women in need, education and patient awareness and breast cancer research projects.

Some ways to donate:

Donate online or through the mailJoin a stock company, charitable trust partnerGive or a bequestFormerly known as Y-ME National Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Network of strength (NCBS) offers peer to peer support for breast cancer patients for 30 years. Their website is available in seven languages and offers information, emotional support and a variety of services for patients, caregivers and survivors. NCBS started in Illinois, but has branches in 15 countries and growth plans. Use the 76.8% of their funds to provide programs, peer counseling, education and screening.

Some ways to donate:

Donate online or through the mailBid on ebay itemsGive stocksParticipate in workplace givingThe Komen Foundation celebrates anniversary 26. Have raised awareness, supports research and paid for the Community programmes in the field of health and education in the world. The foundation of Susan g. Komen spends 63% of its funds in training, research, scholarships and awards. The balance of their money is spent for screening, treatment, education and administration.

Some ways to donate:

Donate online to your choice of five different programsBid on their stocksParticipate of itemsGive of ebay in workplace giving

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