Friday, February 4, 2011

Lymph Node Status

The State of the node lymph node Status affects the diagnosis and treatment: SAP is an important part of your overall diagnosis. This information is used--along with the characteristics of the primary tumor and whether the cancer has spread so known as distant metastasis "--to calculate prognosis or long-term prospects after treatment.The lymphatic system and Breast Cancer: Breast cancer can travel away from your chest in other parts of the body through the blood and lymph. Lymph nodes are gathered into groups in different locations inside your body, and those closest to the breast are under his arm and below your sternum. The surgeon must verify the lymph nodes by touch or a biopsy to see if the cancer is well contained, or has spread. A sentinel node biopsy is such a procedure. Lymph nodes can be surgically removed during a biopsy and examined under a microscope. Negative and positive lymph nodes: If the lymph nodes are clear of cancer, are considered negative or clear and rated N0. Lymph nodes containing cancer cells and micrometastasis are considered positive or carcinogenic and nominal N1, N2, or N3 on the basis of the number of interested parties and the location. N1: Cancer is found in 1-3 of the lymph nodes under the arm or lymph nodes within the breast N2: cancer is found in 4-9 the lymph nodes under the arm or lymph nodes within the breast N3: cancer is found in 10 or more lymph nodes under the arm, or has spread below or above the collarbone. It has been found, as well as nodes, Axilla lymph nodes within the breastStaging tumor and lymph node status: the most widely used for breast cancer is the TNM system. TNM combines the results of three factors – size of the tumor (T), the lymph nodes (N) and metastasis (M). Your score TNM will be considered along with other test results, such as hormonal status and type of breast cancer, to make your treatment plan. More information on Diagnosisif of breast cancer (zSbL

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