Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Breast Ultrasound Exam

What you need to know about your breast to breast ultrasound: ultrasound exam is usually done after a mammogram or clinical examination reveals an area of concern that does not display clearly. Uses very little pressure, and the examination is usually painless. Because ultrasound using high frequency sound waves instead of x-rays, your chest is not exposed to radiation. Ultrasound can be used to clear imaging of dense breast tissue and are safe for women who are pregnant or who have breast implants. The review can take from 10 to 30 minutes to complete.Medical records to bring along: bring a list of latest mammograms that you've had done. If you've had breast surgery, note the types of treatment or surgery, biopsy, you've got and when she had them. You may need to complete any paperwork before the appointment. Bring your medical insurance card with you, too.Dress as you would for a mammogram, in a loose gown in two pieces with a top easy to remove.You will be asked to remove your clothing from the waist up. Will then in a dress that is open in front.
Ultrasound equipment resembles a workstation computer, with an eye level monitor, keyboard and trackball, a computer and wands of various forms (transducers) which are suitable for different types of ultrasound examinations. The room will be blurred so that the operator can clearly see ultrasound images of your womb on the monitor.You are on your back on a table. You may need a pillow under his head and shoulders, or a Wedge cushion under your back, to get you in the correct location for the examination. May be required to lift or arm over your head, as you would during a clinical breast examination. Clear Gel will be put on your skin near the area that will be observed. The gel will help the transducer glide smoothly and make good contact with the skin. The operator will place the transducer over the area to be examined. While pressing firmly, he'll slide back and forth the transducer and watching images created on the monitor. When you find the exact area that must be watched, the finding may be observed, measured and shown for the radiologist. The gel will be cancelled and you will have time to dress. May be asked to wait while the radiologist watch your ultrasound.You can ask to see the image, but does not require the operator to a diagnosis. The radiologist will talk to you, your physician will contact you to discuss. You can ask your doctor for a copy of the ultrasound report for your medical records. source:
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