Saturday, February 5, 2011

Normal dense breast tissue on mammograms

Dark areas on adipose tissue, the highlights are denser fabric containing dotti, lobes and other conclusions.Normal Dense Breast Tissue Normal dense breast tissue on a MammogramNational Cancer Institute Description: are 2 normal dense breasts in mammography. A dense breast cancer makes an image difficult to read when and if the cancerous lesions are present. These images are typical of the younger women.

Premenopausal women, especially women who have never been pregnant, may have dense breast tissue. These are normal dense breasts. Because fatty breasts are easier for a mammogram to see through, sometimes dense breast tissue can hide boundaries of areas that require more study. If a particular industry needs a better image, an ultrasound is usually the next step.


Dr. Dwight Kaufman. Diagnosis: Mammography: normal dense National Cancer Institute. February 1994.

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