Sunday, February 20, 2011

Arm Exercise HowTo

Angle push-ups are a great way to lengthen the muscles-muscles main crossing the chest. All you need is a corner of a room and some time to make your angle push-ups. Lengthening muscles recovers from surgery of the breast.

Angle push-ups-standing exercise

After breast surgery or shoulder, breast muscles may feel tight and hard. One way to get those muscles still move is doing some angle push-ups. If you don't have a corner of a room with enough clear wall and floor space to use, find an open port to use instead. The idea is to use your body weight exercise muscles of passively.

Walk up to a corner of a room and rest both forearms on the wall, having the level of the upper arms with the floor. While standing straight, take about half a step backwards. This will be the starting point.With your back straight and keep your forearms and feet yet, lean gently in the corner until you feel a good stretch. You should hear the shoulder blades towards your spine. Hold this position for about 30 seconds, then gently back to position 1.

Repeat this operation three times, then take a break. Be sure not to bend your back or scoot your arms along the wall while doing push-ups corner. If you do not lean on the corner far away, that is OK-just do what you can. Move gently and smoothly. If you feel pain stop. Over time, will be able to do the angle push-ups correctly.

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