Friday, February 4, 2011

Mammography and Breast MRI image comparison

Primary screening mammography is used to breast health, but for finer detail for a particular area, an MRI can capture an image of high contrast.Mammogram and MRI Breast Images Comparison mammography and Breast MRI images ComparisonNational Cancer Institute Description: Breast imaging technology has changed over the years. Discusses mammography on the left and the MRI on right. Note the possibility of improving MRIs to confirm the diagnosis.

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) may be used to obtain a clear image, high contrast fabric. If a mammogram showed a breast mass that seems alarming, ultrasound or MRI can help you get more precise information about it. If the MRI confirms that it has a tumor, a biopsy is the next step.


Mitchell d. Schnall-Randa Azzouni, m.d., Ph. d., University Of Pennsylvania. Diagnosis: Breast MRI: Mammography vs (cancer) National Cancer Institute. February 1994.

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