Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Male Breast Cancer

All people, both men and women who are some of the breast tissue. During puberty, hormones, estrogen and testosterone send signals of growth for our fabrics. Estrogen helps women develop more breast tissue and men achieve an increase of testosterone, which inhibits breast development and encourages the growth of the testicles. But even if men do not develop breasts produce milk, still have a small amount of breast tissue. Those who have breast tissue is at risk of developing breast cancer.Because most men have no lobes in their breast tissue, this type of breast cancer is extremely rare in men. Occurs at a rate of two percent of all cancers of the breast ductal or lobular male.

• Paget's disease of the nipple
This cancer can start inside the nipple or below the areola and then break through the overlying skin. Paget's disease should look like a rash, but will not respond to standard treatments rash. A lump may also be associated with Paget's disease, if the patient is male or female.

Early detection saves lives of men, too
Are increasing survival rates for male breast cancer. This is due to find the disease early and giving treatment to prevent recurrence and metastasis. Male breast cancer is detected with a clinical examination, or a breast self-exam. You have a family history of breast cancer? Ask your doctor if you should have a mammogram, breast tissue to the screen. If you are worried about nothing unusual in your chest, please visit your healthcare professional.

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