Thursday, February 3, 2011

Arm Lymphedema Exercises

After the removal of lymph nodes, arm Lymphedema may occur. Some extra liquid can build in your hand or arm, causing them to swell. The idea behind the arm exercise and lymphedema is that arm muscle contractions may help to move lymph fluid back to veins in your armpit and neck, so he can rejoin the bloodstream. When the lymphatic fluid goes back into circulation, swelling should go down.

These simple exercises can help sweets in the lymphatic fluid proteins to be reabsorbed and symptoms of lymphedema of the arm to disappear or decrease. Be sure to discuss plans with your doctor-before you begin.

If you have recently had surgery, wait until your surgical drainage channels and sutures are out, before attempting these exercises. Do these exercises gently-you're body won't build here-and not to the point of pain. Always wear the compression sleeve on your affected arm during the exercise. Stop exercising if your arm begins to swell and turn red.

Comfortable clothing dress, loose-style is not important for these exercises. heat the affected arm and hand before you start to exercise-take a shower, sink, tub, or use a warm compress for about 20 minutes. Be regular on making your arm Lymphedema exercises. This will be the recovery of the aid and will give you the best results.

Here's what you need from the start:

A series of 1 pound free weightsYour small flexible bale compression sleeveA chair seating onAn hard area large enough to fix onOptional: a couple steps poles: Fitness, Nordic poles or Exerstriding

Ready? Let's start with some exercises while seated.

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