Monday, February 7, 2011

Breast calcifications in mammogram

Dark areas are the normal adipose breast tissue. Lighter areas are denser fabric. White points are calcifications.Breast Calcifications on a Mammogram breast calcifications on a MammogramNational Cancer Institute Description: this abnormal mammogram is not necessarily cancerous. Also seen are calcifications through ductal models. The patient had a mammogram follow-up in three months, for a comparison.
Microcalcifications are tiny fragments of calcium that can appear in clusters or templates (like search) and are associated with extra cell activity in breast tissue. Extra cell growth is not cancerous, but sometimes usually tight cluster of microcalcifications may indicate breast cancer early. Sparse Microcalcifications are usually a sign of benign breast tissue.


National Cancer Institute. Diagnosis: Mammography: abnormal: Microcalcifications National Cancer Institute. 1993.

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