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What is Neulasta (pegfilgrastim)?: Neulasta (pegfilgrastim) is a medication given to patients with neutropenia (low neutrophil count). An injection of Neulasta stimulates the production of white blood cell with a synthetic version of a Colony-stimulating factor granulocyte (G-CSF). Is a clear fluid that is usually given as a shot where the needle is inserted under the skin.Chemotherapy for breast cancer affects all cells divide rapidly in your body, including bone marrow cells, producing red and white blood cells and platelets. If your CBC shows that the neutrophil count is low, it might be neutropenic. Injection of Neulasta may increase the production of neutrophils, a type of white blood cell that helps the body fight infection.Usually, the body produces a protein that stimulates the production of neutrophils. But during chemotherapy for breast cancer, your body can't make enough of this protein. The CBC can reveal that blood neutrophil counts are low and neutropenic. The correct dose of this drug will increase the production of neutrophils.You'll get an injection of Neulasta approximately 24 hours after the infusion of chemotherapy. It cannot receive soon because it might be less effective. Unlike on Neupogen, which must be given repeatedly until your low neutrophil counts counts rise, Neulasta is given only once per chemotherapy cycle 2 or 3 weeks. You can have this injection in your upper arm, abdomen, thigh, or buttocks.Not all side effects of Neulasta, but here are more commonly known: If you have these side effects, can you take Tylenol (acetaminophen) or Advil (ibuprofen) to help reduce pain and fever. Dive into a warm bath can also help with bone pain from Neulasta. Call your doctor if you have these symptoms: urgent symptoms include: allergic reaction (hives, trouble breathing; swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat; rash spreading over your body) abdominal painPossible shoulder the risks of using Neulasta: Neulasta is a very safe drug used for many types of neutrapenia. There usually are no ill effects from this medication. Side effects that occur will Cone and shall cease when you stop receiving Neulasta shots. There have been cases of rupture of spleen causing death, although this is extremely rare.
Do not take this medicine if: you are pregnant or breastfeeding are allergic to Neulasta you are allergic to products made using the bacteria e. coliRecommendations during treatment: before the first injection of Neulasta, your doctor will order regular CBC to get your levels of blood cells, platelets and red and white, with particular attention to your neutrophils. As processing progresses, you will have more blood tests to check the effectiveness of Neulasta.

If you are pregnant or nursing, discuss this with your doctor before taking Neulasta. There are sufficient studies to determine the effect of this drug on breast milk or the human fetus.


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