Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DIEP Flap Surgery

You should plan to stay in the hospital for 3 or 4 days after this speech, so that nurses can keep an eye on your healing process. Pack loose and comfortable clothing for your trip home (allow room to drain). When the accumulation of liquid is considerably decreased, you may be able to have your drains are removed, that should be about one week after surgery. Plan on rest for 4-6 weeks after a DIEP and make sure that someone will be around to drive and lift for you. Ongoing plan for follow-up appointments so the surgeon can assess the healing progress, dressings and incisions. zSB (3.3) If you have enough skin and fat on your belly to create two new breasts, you can have a DIEP flap reconstruction after a double mastectomy. If you have had abdominal tissue, used for the reconstruction of the breast (TRAM flap), then you must choose a different method (lat flap or system).DIEP flap surgery is microsurgery, which requires extensive training and experience, as well as special facilities and surgical instruments. The sutures are used to reconnect blood vessels are about the same diameter as a strand of hair. Your surgical team will use a high-powered microscope to perform the most critical part of this procedure (reconnection of blood vessels). Choose carefully, a surgeon for this reconstruction by asking many questions, until you feel comfortable making a decision to go ahead with the procedure.

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There are many types of breast reconstruction-implants, TRAM, Backs Latissimus, SGAP, DIEP flap. How can you have? We recommend you to anyone else? What went right or wrong with reconstruction?Reconstruction of Techniquesif (zSbL

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