Thursday, February 24, 2011

HALO Breast Pap Test

As part of your annual examination of well-woman, you can choose to have a Halo Breast Pap Test, to suck the nipple fluid that will be screened for abnormal cells. This is a test as a screening, Pap stain for cervical cancer, which does not diagnose breast cancer, but it helps to determine your level of risk. A test HALO does not replace a mammogram, but can be used by women 25 years, helping to determine their level of risk for breast cancer. Here's what to expect during a breast pap test alone.HALO Breast Pap Test Console Photo ? NeoMatrixThe HALO Breast Pap Test is approved by the FDA, but because it is so new, many insurance companies do not even cover the costs. Plan on spending about $ 100 in your Pocket for this screening. If you send a request to the insurance company, you may be able to recover part of const. zSB (3,3), if you choose to have a halo of proof it will require only five minutes and can be done right in your clinic. Most women say that is comfortable and feels like using a breast pump. In a study of 500 women from the University of Utah, the researchers noted that most women prove quite well tolerated and found less invasive ductal lavage or aspiration needle good. Automatic HALO is simple to use, only takes a little training and safe for patients.HALO Breast Pap Test Collection Cup Photo ? NeoMatrixYou will undress from the waist up and wearing a hospital gown, opening at the front. A nurse will champion soft, flexible, lattice collection cups over the breast adjustable suction cups on the console HALO. The nurse will use antiseptic pads to clean her breasts, with special attention to your nipples. This ensures that the sample of fluid nipple is as pristine as possible, for the most accurate results.HALO Breast Pap Test in Progress Photo ? NeoMatrixYour nurse will help you correctly place suction cups and set her breasts, making sure to center the nipple in the lower part of the the Cup. Suction Nipple fluid, if any, will be collected is produced at the bottom of the Cup. During the test, you will have the cups on your skin of the breast. The nurse will start the machine, and start the test.HALO Breast Pap Test Heat and Suction Photo ? NeoMatrixWith collection cups in place, the HALO will begin creating suction on her breasts. You should still keep the cups in position. After startup, you'll feel the mild heat and massage gently from "petals" around the cups together on the skin of the breast. This increases the circulation to nipples and underlying milk ducts.HALO Breast Pap Test Fluid Sample Photo ? NeoMatrixWhen suction cycle is complete, the nurse will help you to remove the cups library. If you have any fluid inlet nipple, will be collected and sent to the laboratory for testing. It is absolutely normal to have no fluid nipple produced, so don't worry if nothing shows up. Fluid nipple discharge may contain non-benign, is worrying. Abnormal cells containing only nipple is cause for concern.You can take a week to get test results back from the HALO laboratory. Your doctor will contact you with the results and explain what they mean. Some possible results are: not fluid: without worries and normal (non) risk for breast cancer, benign: nipple can be caused by medications, infections, intraductal depigmented or pregnancy fluid containing normal cells: indicates a risk for breast cancer that is two times the normal risk fluid that contains abnormal cells: raises risk of breast cancer until 4-5 times the normal risk after taking Halo trial, if you find that you have a risk doubled or are at high risk of developing breast cancer, you can start to take action. Risk does not mean that you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, but have cells that can be a precancerous condition. Taking control of many things can reduce the risk: zSB (1,2) more about HALO Breast Pap (zSbL Testif

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