Thursday, February 24, 2011

The 5 biggest mistakes made by beginner magicians

Because many in the audience says that hate the magic? It's probably because you've seen poor spell or a magician arrogant, rude or both at the same time.

Here, then, the largest five committed by top magicians. And unfortunately, some of these traits are visible in the work of a handful of professionals.

If you are a magician of the beginning, look out for these pitfalls.

1. Arrogance and acting smarter than public

Nobody likes a performer, or even a person, who thinks he or she is smarter than everyone else and try to prove it. The magic is not an opportunity for a magician to show or demonstrate how intelligent or clever, he or she is.

When magic is done in a way that says, "ah, I know the secret and you don't need", it was transformed into a puzzle and the audience is just trying to discover the secret. In addition, many magicians do not understand that what works for amazing Johnathan isn't necessarily what should be copy and doing their shows.

2. humiliating or embarrassing volunteers

When members of the public to assist, they are going out of their way to help the magician. It is essential to treat volunteers with respect and do not go for easy jokes that ride and minimize and embarrasses volunteers.

Sure, there are a lot of bald, fat, ethnic origin, sex and jokes more that one can say, but for the entertainment of high level, these can be left behind.

3. inadequate preparation

The magic is not simply a matter of visiting a magic store, buying a trick or two, bringing them out of the package, read the instructions and then running them. Fun and perplexing magic takes time to develop and practice and procedures must be engaging, dramatic or humorous, whatever works best for a magician character or personality.

4. Not properly structuring a show

Tricks in the sequence must be varied. A card trick where a spectator chooses a card and the magician lies can be fun, but five in a row such tricks are probably too. Mix effects.

5. wear a Costume character

Many magicians in early may feel or know that their magic is inadequate and consider wearing a clown costume-a suit, dress Assistant or more-to make seemingly for this. After all, the logic seems to go, if one doesn? € ? t feel that are optimal in magic, at least you're dressed as a character.

However, this is completely wrong. And unfortunately, too often costumed animators are a terrible sign of magic.

A costume to be worn only to strengthen the character that is depicting an entertainer, who, in turn, supports the theme of magical effects. If an entertainer is dressed like a wizard, for example, has worked with a deck of cards? Shouldn't he be casting spells or causing things to float and what?

Bottom line, the path of good solid build magic is magic skills and presentation and play in a fun way. Save money and forget about the costume. Work on magic instead and long-term, become a much better performer.

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