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Research supports the safety of breast fat transfer-American health and beauty (press release)


In a new article, researchers examined data regarding the chest fat transfer and increased risk of breast cancer.

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For women wanting breast volume added but does not want the implant scars and foreigners used in traditional breast augmentation is a preferred alternative natural breast enhancement. These procedures use the patient's fat which is transferred within after removal by liposuction. Some question the safety of these procedures, however, as there is little known about the long-term effects of relocation of grease.

A new study published in the January issue of the American Society of aesthetic plastic surgery (ASAPS) cosmetic surgery Journal examines differences in the clinical laboratory of the scientific literature and determined on the basis of the natural breast enhancement. The authors have found looking at published clinical experience with over 2000 patients that there is no increased risk of developing metastasis or recurrence of breast cancer with fat transfer to the breast.

In this article, the authors explore the issues and find discrepancies in data between the laboratory and the clinic can be explained with artificial conditions, often used in laboratory studies.

Christopher Calhoun, CEO Cytori Therapeutics Therapeutics, manufacturer of processing of fat and PureGraft systems Celution, said in a press release, "there is increased demand for our technologies and this patient and physician careful review supports our view that our recommended fat grafting techniques are safe in the breast. We will continue to conduct our security research and analyze data from outside sources for Cytori Therapeutics, as part of legislative progress and the final adoption of our products. "

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