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Bif Naked Breast Cancer Becomes Motivational Speaker

Bif NakedBIF Naked
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BIF Naked says women should "feel your boobs, basically" so that they may be aware of their breast health. Canadian punk rock singer-songwriter found a lump breast while doing a breast self-exam, not long after his wedding. biopsy revealed breast cancer for the musician then 36-year old.

BIF Naked is more back-recovered from 13 months of treatments for breast cancer. naked joined Bureau of a speaker and since then, he talked about a day of awareness for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and more recently for Cancer Agency now 39 of British Columbia, Bif Naked tells his story of survivor, share how it's done through a Lumpectomy, chemo and radiation with Herceptin. has developed a blood clot, a staph infection, hair loss and severe fatigue, but kept going, even writing songs while resting in bed. writing in his blog, he said, "Yeah ...I was pretty nervous and self-conscious about my stuff Word this week ... mainly because I wanted to simply do a good job. "Apparently Bif Naked did a great job, because Dr. Frances Wong BC Cancer Agency later said that "takes the fear of people and recalls the importance of being aware of their body of people."

Canadian punk rocker kept busy despite surgery, chemotherapy and radiation-with all effects side operator has put together a new album, a promise and released in May 2009, about a year and a half after his diagnosis. his last CD was titled Superbeautifulmonster and was followed by a two-year world tour .BIF-born Beth Torbert in India-was placed for adoption and raised by American missionaries in the end the family moved to Canada, where he attended college and began his music career. nude sports quite a collection of tattoos-tattoo and says that her favorite says "Survivor." I think that expresses so much about you that is important and telling. Bif Naked is a survivor in many ways, summarized in his FaceBook page, "is not in my being to let anything stop me."

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