Thursday, January 27, 2011

Breast Cancer victim Mobile Apps support for patients

How about a breast cancer support group that fits in the Palm of your hand? that is what many applications of breast cancer to become new target. these apps can be found all over the internet, offering everything from tape Pink wallpaper for your smartphone for a full guide diagnosis. some applications of breast cancer can guide you through a breast self-exam and help you consider what type of breast lumps may have other apps Help you plan a healthy meal, designed to help you heal from treatments of breast cancer more general health apps help you keep track of your test results, full blood count (CBC), appointments, scheduling of pill, or keep up with news alerts of breast cancer.

Yes, there is an application for health fitness routine, favorite books and magazines, your drug list, and also games to pass the time these useful applications are cheap-any price from free to $ 5.00-and can be used on an electronic device of choice: If you use an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Android, or other smartphone, you probably already have some apps, but how to choose the right ones? you ask around, around the web and try to understand what runs on your device and as expected. some applications of health might work brilliantly, while others may disappoint.

Do you have an app that was really useful? write a review on it and submit for publication on you can read some guidelines and find links to a variety of opportunities to review our Patient Empowerment site. If you want to write a review of an app of breast cancer, check out this presentation form. your review could really help others who are trying to just the app cancer or breast health right!

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