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Dr. Susan love breast cancer and lesbian: OP-ED-SheWired

Whenever I speak to a specific event for lesbians, this is the first question that inevitably I am asked to respond: is it true that lesbians are more at risk of getting cancer of the breast?
The root of this issue of dates back to 1993 and a lesbian cancer researcher that lesbians could be--two-three times more likely to develop breast cancer than women heterosexual. This was due primarily to three risk factors of breast cancer that seemed to be more prevalent among lesbians: drinking alcohol, overweight and not being pregnant.
At the time, there was virtually no research on breast cancer and lesbians. And this is really what the researcher Suzanne Haynes, was trying to draw attention — the need to study this group of women. The good thing is that, as a result of its work, these studies are now being made. The bad thing is that this situation has led to the news that screamed "1 in 3 lesbians get breast cancer" and a great fear and concern.

Dr. Love and his army of women

There is nothing to be lesbian, per se, that puts you at greater risk of developing breast cancer. But some of the factors identified in the community that Haynes lesbian lifestyle were and remain a problem. However, there are things you can do to solve them:
• Studies have shown that being overweight not only puts you at greater risk of getting breast cancer, but being less likely to survive the disease. So if you're overweight, make this the year you decide to do something to eat a healthy, balanced diet and exercise more. It is not necessary to run a marathon. Just start walking around the block a few times instead of sitting down to watch TV.

• Drinking more beverage a day just isn't good for you — for many reasons. We all know that lesbians tend to meet in bars. But just because you're in a bar, doesn't mean you have to drink alcohol. Start looking for a non-alcoholic drink with one alternate.

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