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Breast Screening annual supported by new study-mass

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MassDevice On Call

MASSDEVICE ON CALL — breast screening annual supported by new study. An analysis by researchers at the University of Colorado and the University of Michigan decision 2009 the US Preventive Services Task Force of breast cancer screening to deprioritize suggests that the Advisory Commission may have ignored evidence that more frequent mammograms save more lives. Researchers have studied some of the risk models used by the USPSTF guidelines her controversial breast cancer screening, reports Reuters.

Germany block payments to global health fund after AP report Ministry of development of Germany said that it will suspend all payments from a global health fund 21.7 billion, until it gets answers on allegations of bribery that had been raised in the articles from The Associated Press, reported the AP.

Plan launching Republicans rolled back health reform Two House committees will begin their dissection of the law, examining its cost and its impact on the economy. Republicans in both Chambers also plan to introduce dozens of bills this week face rollback of various parts of the law of Political reform, reports.

State of the Union recapAs promised, President Obama has touched only briefly on healthcare in the State of the Union. However, the talk includes some great announcements, including Word that the President will embrace tort reform and cut some additional reporting required by the health care reform law. But there was so much skepticism and resistance over tort reform promise of Obama.

You can read the reaction — or subtle lack of a response — from the usual suspects: PhRMA, loves and BIO.

health is investing Missteps inA breakdown of venture capital investing, with a health declaration tell about health.

Due to this trend, health care, investors have become like the African Safari hunters, stalking less ' big game ' occupies the largest elephant gun '-minimum investment size and output requirements. One reason this was possible was that some segments of the healthcare market, pharma, for example, at a CAGR of 10.1% – have expanded even faster than VC Fund size.

Healthcare, however, is less like the African safari and more like the rainforest is a dense ecosystem filled with a huge number of small animals. The market is not suitable to produce small elephant absolute returns is suitable for a high volume of small businesses that produce returns more frequent and smaller than device or biotech.

In this way, you get the problem of gun elephant in the rainforest: companies and funds are structured to minor and major investments in major markets as absolute returns and biotech devices, but the healthcare IT market is more suitable for investment that yields its high but relatively small absolute returns.

new FDA guidance for pharma. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has revised its guidance on the process of validating and changes "could be enormous."

best cities for hospital careHealthGrades released its list of the 50 best cities for hospital care. West Palm Beach, Florida, was the first, followed in the order from Brownsville, Texas; Dayton, Ohio; Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota; and Tucson, Arizona.

Kenneth Frazier to defend. The failure of vorapaxar it is not the fault of the CEO of Merck.

Dealflow and moreAmgen acquired BioVex for $ 1 billion; brain therapy device company Nexstim generated from 15.4 million; biotech-based protein Promosome raised $ 4.1 million; medical genetics company, RainDance technologies raised $ 37.5 million; Teladoc telehealth business generated $ 4 million.

a proposal to redesign the medical data. The wired Executive Editor Thomas Goetz urges the creation of a way to use the medical data to empower people to change their behavior.

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